Membership Eligibility

  • Who is qualified to join the panel?
    Panel membership is open to physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals practicing in the United States.
Incentives for Participating in Surveys
  • How much money will I earn for participating in each survey?
    The amount of money you earn for each survey will vary. On average, you will earn between $25 to $200 per study. Each invitation you receive to participate in a survey will tell you how much money you will earn for completing the survey. From time to time, you may be invited to a survey that does not offer an incentive for participating. Then you can decide which surveys you would like to participate in.

  • Will I get paid even if I do not complete an entire survey?
    If you are invited to a survey but you do not complete all of the survey questions, you will not receive the incentive for that survey.

  • Will I get paid even if I do not qualify to participate in the survey?
    If you are invited to a survey but do not qualify to participate in the survey, you will not be paid the incentive for that survey. From time to time we will offer an incentive for respondents who do not qualify for the survey. This offer will be indicated in the invitation that you receive.

  • Will I get paid if the segment I qualify for has already closed?
    If you are invited to a survey but the segment you qualify for has already closed, you will not be paid the incentive for that survey. From time to time we will offer an incentive for respondents who respond after a survey has closed. This offer will be indicated in the invitation that you receive.

  • How do I redeem the money that I have earned for participating in surveys?
    Each time you participate in a survey the money you have earned will be processed within 6-8 weeks after the study has closed.

Information Provided to HCD

  • What will HCD do with my responses?
    After combining your answers with those of other participants who have completed the survey, we analyze the data and find significant results to deliver to our client(s). Individual responses will not be shared with our client.

  • Will my contact information be shared with anyone?
    Your contact information will not be revealed, sold or given to any third parties or clients. Although this rarely occurs, if a client requests to be able to contact you for additional information regarding the survey topic, we will provide the client your contact information only if you have agreed to this. The agreement will be clearly stated in the form of a question in the survey or survey registration. If you do not want your information to be shared with the client, you would simply indicate this in the question and we will not share your information with the client. For further details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Survey Qualifications

  • Why do I get invited to surveys that I do not qualify for?
    We cannot guarantee that you will qualify for every study. We use the responses in your profile to help us select people to invite to surveys. Unfortunately, your profile does not cover every possible qualifying criterion a client may have in mind.

  • How are qualifications for each survey determined?
    Each survey has its own unique set of qualifications that are determined by our clients. This does not mean that you do not know enough about a specific subject to answer the survey but that our clients may want to include only those people who meet certain criteria.

Survey Availability

  • How will I know when a survey is available for me to participate in?
    When a survey is available for your particular specialty, you will receive an email invitation that will include a link to participate in the survey.

  • How many surveys can I expect to be invited to per month?
    The number of survey invitations each panel member receives in any given month varies significantly from person to person. The number of invitations you will receive is directly related to whether or not you meet some of the criteria our client is targeting for the survey.

Referring Other Professionals To Join

  • How do I refer other healthcare professionals to join the HCDHealth Survey Panel?
    You may invite your colleagues to join the panel by referring them to the following link:

Membership Account Questions

  • What should I do if I have forgotten the email address associated with my account?
    Please contact HCDHealth Technical Support and provide them with as much account information as possible, such as your full name and address. This information will help us find you in our system.

  • How do I cancel my HCDHealth Surveys Panel membership?
    Although we would like to keep you as a member, if you would like to discontinue your membership and stop receiving survey invitations from us, please click the following link to update your contact preferences:

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